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We Are the New Media. The Rebirth of a True Free Press; Helping to Open the Doors of Perception and Institutionalize Doctrines of Freedom Worldwide.

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View and Connect with the New Media: Choose from over 900 different media outlets and connect to other free-thinkers from around the world! Thousands more adepts and colleges of thought from the public domain will be added soon! Please, contact us and send us your site. Also download our press kit, and spread the word obout this site.We're just getting started in the defense of Truth, Freedom and liberty.

Inform; form from within; Innerstand and create consciousness becoming conscious of itself, endevouring to be independent, authentic, soveriegn imperial beings free to interact voluntarily on an agreed upon medium and under the principle of non-agression or non-coerscion, including the ownership of one's self and property.

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Disclaimer: The views expressed at We Are The New Media do not necessarily reflect the views of these various organizations. Furthermore, the views expressed with these various organizations do not necessarily reflect the views that of each other, including us. We are all free, sovereign beings. Knowledge, then comes the responsibility - responsibility to uplift and protect humanity as Individualists within the geist, adding to our culture, will and spirit, raising consciousness through the de-occulting of impertinent information. The truth will and is setting us free! Help us in opening doors of perception and to institutionalizing doctrines of freedom worldwide. Our objective at We Are The New Media is to provide an OUTLET TO HELP SHINE A LIGHT ON THE TRUE FREE PRESS - the uncontrolled, unfettered, listener focused, reality-based, New Media. You are the change we've been waiting for. Help us in moving forward with True Accountability and Self Responsibility. All is Love. Fear is illusion. All beings are Free. Truth can Never be destroyed. The answer is within all of us. You Are The Resistance to Evil and Ignorance. Veritas Lux MeaThe Truth is Our Light.Power Fists! Hide the Disclaimer  

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Help to Inform others; to form from within; Innerstand and create consciousness becoming conscious of itself, endevouring to be independent, authentic, soveriegn beings free to interact voluntarily on an agreed upon medium and under the principle of non-agression or non-coerscion, including the ownership of one's self and property.
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  1. The Path Of The Fool
  2. We Are Change, WeAreChangeWeAreChange, we are change
  3. WhatOnEarthIsHappening.com What On Earth Is Happening Mark Passio One Great WorkWhatOnEarthIsHappening.com What On Earth Is Happening Mark Passio One Great Work
  4. Michael TsarionMichaelTsarion.com Michael Tsarion MTSAR Unslaved
  5. DrJordanBPetersonjordanbpeterson.com DrJordanBPeterson Dr Jordan B Peterson Harvard Professor
  6. Manipulism and the Weapon of GuiltManipulism Individualism Collectivism Fascism PC Politally Correct
  7. Conscious Media CoalitionConscious Media Coalition ConsciousMediaCoalition.com
  8. Secret Energy - Open Source SpiritualitySecret Energy Open Source Spirituality SecretEnergy.com SevanBomar Sevan Bomar James Evans Bomar III JamesEvansBomarIII Innerversity Innerstanding SpiritQuest.com Spirit Quest
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  16. James O'Keefe's Project Veritas .com projectveritas.com project veritas James O'Keefe
  17. Turning Point USAtpusa.com turningpointusa turning point usa
  18. Right Side Broadcasting NetworkRightSideBroadcastingNetwork Right Side Broadcasting Network Wayne Dupree WayneDupree RSBN.tv
  19. Wikileaks.org Julian Assange JulianAssangeWikileaks.org Julian Assange JulianAssange
  20. Change Media University We Are ChangeChange Media University We Are Change WeAreChange ChangeMediaUniversity
  21. Anonymous AnonHQanonymous anonhq
  22. Zero Hedge ZeroHedge.comZeroHedge.com Zero Hedge
  23. WorldNewsDailyWorldNewsDaily World News Daily WND.com
  24. The Daily CallerDaily Caller DailyCaller.com
  25. Gateway Pundit GatewayPundit.comthegatewaypundit.com The Gateway Pundit
  26. News Ninja Wayne DupreeRightSideBroadcastingNetwork Right Side Broadcasting Network Wayne Dupree WayneDupree RSBN.tv
  27. Freedomain Radio Stefan molyneux freedomainradio.com freedomainradio.com Freedomain Radio Stefan molyneux StefanMolyneux
  28. Collective Evolution collective-evolution.comcollective-evolution.com collective evolution CollectiveEvolution
  29. TheFreeThoughtProject.com The Free Thought ProjectTheFreeThoughtProject.com The Free Thought Project
  30. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 TruthAE911Truth.org Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth 911
  31. Unslaved PodcastUnslaved Podcast with Michael Tsarion David Whitehead MichaelTsarion.com MTSAR Unslaved wayofthetruthwarrior.com way of the truth warrior
  32. David Ickedavidicke.com David Icke
  33. The Jordan Maxwell Showjordanmaxwellshow.com Jordan Maxwell Show
  34. Truth Goddess Modeling TruthGoddess.comTruthGoddess.com Truth Goddess Modeling Veritas Girls
  35. Three percenters club IIIthreepercentersclub.org three percenters club III
  36. national anarchist movementnational-anarchist.net national anarchist movement NationalAnarchistMovement
  37. Anarcho-VoluntarismVolantarism Voluntary Anarcho-Capitalism Ancap AnarchoCapitalism Anarcho Capitalism
  38. No Masters Above No Slaves Below
  39. Oath KeepersOathKeepers.org Oath Keepers
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  1. Patreon
  2. Steemitsteemit.com Steemit
  3. Youngevity Essential Life SciencesYoungevity.com 90 For Wellness
  4. GoFoods Youngevity Essential Life SciencesGoFoods Go Foods Global Youngevity.com
  5. GoFoods Youngevity Essential Life SciencesGoFoods Go Foods Global Youngevity.com
  6. Global Healing Centerglobalhealingcenter.com Global Healing Center dr group
  7. dōTERRA Essential Oilsdoterra.com
  8. WeSearchrwesearchr.com we searchr
  9. LocalBitcoins.comLocalBitcoins.com Local Bitcoins Cryptocurrencies

  10. LocalBitcoins.com BerkeyWaterPurification Berkey Water Purification Filter WaterFilter Fluoride PoisonInTheTap Poison In The Tap Water Pineal Gland PinealGland
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  1. Steve Pieczenik Talks at StevePieczenik.comsteve pieczenik talks stevepieczenik.com
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  13. Donald J TrumpDonaldJTrump.com DonaldTrump Donald Trump
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  29. MichaelTsarion.com Michael Tsarion MTSAR Unslaved
  30. MichaelTsarion.com Michael Tsarion MTSAR Unslaved Germanophobia
  31. MichaelTsarion.com Michael Tsarion MTSAR Unslaved trees of life book
  32. PsychicVampirism Psychic Vampirism MichaelTsarion.com Michael Tsarion MTSAR Unslaved
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  34. schellingzone.com MichaelTsarion.com Michael Tsarion MTSAR Unslaved
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  36. Truth Theory .comtruththeory.com truth theory
  37. Era Of Wisdomeraofwisdom.org era of wisdom cassius kamarampi
  38. AstralQuest.com Sevan Bomar SevanBomar SecretEnergy.com Secret Energy
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  41. Stillness In The StormStillnessInTheStorm sitsshow.blogspot.com Stillness In The Storm
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  53. American Intelligence Reportamericanintelligencereport.com american intelligence report
  54. The Crowhouse with Max Iganthecrowhouse.com the crow house
  55. Mises Institute Austrian Economics, Freedom and PeaceMisesInstitute Misis.org Misis Institute Austrian Economics
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  59. freedomsphoenix.com freedoms phoenix
  60. coasttocoastam coast to coast am
  61. markdice.com mark dice
  62. peace.unify.org peace uniff consciousness meditation
  63. citizen-action.com citizen action James O'Keefe ProjectVeritas Project Veritas
  64. gnosticwarrior.com gnostic warrior
  65. The Mind Unleashed The Mind Unleashed TheMindUnleashed
  66. Prism BreakPrismBreak Prism Break encryption prism-break.org
  67. Conspiracy OutpostConspiracyOutpost.com Conspiracy Outpost
  68. NewsBustersnewsbusters.org News Busters
  69. StartPagestartpage.com Start Page
  70. The American Mirrortheamericanmirror.com The American Mirror
  71. Three Percenter Nationthreepercenternation.com Three Percenter Nation III
  72. CNS Newscnsnews.com CNS News CNSNews
  73. Michael Savage.commichaelsavage.wnd.com michaelsavage.com michael savage
  74. MRC TVMedia Research Center TV MRCTV MRC TV
  75. News Maxnewsmax.com
  76. The Washington Free BeaconTheWashingtonFreeBeacon The Washington Free Beacon freebeacon.com
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  78. Free And Equal Electionsfreeandequal.org Free And Equal Elections
  79. NORMLnorml.org National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
  80. Barry Copper's NeverGetBusted.comnevergetbusted.com Never Get Busted Barry Cooper BarryCooper
  81. Truth Connections with Katherine BuckalewTruth Connections with Katherine Buckalew truthconnections.com
  82. The Common Ground Movementcommongroundmovement.com The Common Ground Movement
  83. Activist Postactivistpost.com Activist Post
  84. Liberty HangoutLibertyHangout.com Liberty Hangout
  85. Wayne MAdsen Reportwaynemadsenreport.com wayne madsen report
  86. Trends Research Institute with Gerald CelenteTrendsResearchInstitute.com Trends Research Institute Gerald Celente GeraldCelente Trends Journal TrendsJournal.com
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  90. Roger Stone at StoneZone.comStoneZone.com Roger Stone Zone RogerStone
  91. Bruce Lipton PhDbrucelipton.com bruce lipton
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  98. Corbett Report.comCorbettReport.com Corbett Report
  99. Sacred Geometry Internationalsacredgeometryinternational.com sacred geometry international
  100. MichaelTsarion.com Michael Tsarion MTSAR Unslaved Alfred Rosenberg AlfredRosenberg.org
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  102. TimeGnosis.com MichaelTsarion.com Michael Tsarion MTSAR Unslaved
  103. Christopher CantwellChristopherCantwell Christopher Cantwell RadicalAgenda Radical Agenda
  104. The Conscious ResistanceThe Conscious Resistance theconsciousresistance.com DerrickBroze Derrick Broze
  105. Bittcoin.orgbitcoin.org
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  116. GaiaTV.DK GaiaTVDK Danish
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  148. Flush The TPPflushthetpp.org flush the tpp
  149. campaignforliberty.org campaign for liberty
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  220. Rupert Sheldrakesheldrake.org RupertSheldrake Rupert Sheldrake
  221. Second Amendment FoundationSecondAmendmentFoundation saf.org Second Amendment Foundation
  222. SashaPua.com Pick Up Artistsashapua.com sasha daygame pick up artist pickupartist
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  228. Syrian Electronic ArmySyrianElectronicArmy Syrian Electronic Army
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  231. Seeds of Liberty Podcasttheseedsofliberty.com the seeds of liberty
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  233. Stay Free Movementexplorehelpchange.org explore help change
  234. ShadowProofshadowproof.com shadow proof
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  239. Sibel Edmondsjustacitizen.com just a citizen Sibel Edmonds SibelEdmonds
  240. Weedmapsweedmaps.com weed maps
  241. The Smokers Clubthesmokersclub.com the smokers club
  242. Society Of American Archivistsarchivists.org
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  244. Strike Debtstrikedebt.org strike debt
  245. Students For Concealed Carryconcealedcampus.org concealed campus
  246. Stuff They Dont Want You To Knowstufftheydontwantyoutoknow.com stuff they dont want you to know
  247. Stop The War Coalitionstopwar.org.uk stop the war coalition stop war
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  286. Veterans Todayveteranstoday.com veterans today
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  306. healyourlife.com heal your life
  307. johnperkins.org john perkins Confessions Of An Economic Hitman
  308. thelibertarianchick.com the libertarian chick KristenTate Kristen Tate
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  311. myfreedomradio.com my freedom radio
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  393. foodidentitytheft.com food identity theft
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  485. adam ruins everything trutv
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  533. cwg.org Neil Walsh Conversations With God
  534. ndnr.com NaturopathicDoctorNewsAndReview Naturopathic Doctor News And Review
  535. naturopathic.org TheAmericanAssociationOfNaturopathicPhysicians The American Association Of Naturopathic Physicians
  536. naturalsolutionsfoundation.org natural solutions foundation
  537. naturalsociety.com natural society
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  569. ihavethetruth.com i have the truth
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  572. americanthinker.com american thinker
  573. alternativenewsnetwork.net alternative news network
  574. christiantruther.com christian truther
  575. govtslaves.info GovernmentSlaves govt slaves
  576. theoccidentalobserver.net the occidental observer
  577. dailystormer.com daily stormer
  578. takimag.com taki mag
  579. bloodyrubbish.com bloody rubbish
  580. michiganreview.com TheMichiganReview The Michigan Review
  581. ramzpaul.com ram z paul
  582. personalliberty.com personal liberty
  583. pjmedia.com pj media Instapundit Insta pundit
  584. freedomdaily.com freedom daily
  585. conservative101.com conservative 101
  586. enterthestars.com enter the stars
  587. altnews.com alt news
  588. patriotsquestion911.com patriots question 911
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  590. iamthefaceoftruth.com i am the face of truth
  591. flybynews.com fly by news
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  593. 911tap.org 911 truth action project 911TruthActionProject
  594. mediabroadcastingcenter.com media broadcasting center
  595. MilitaryOfficersFor911Truth Military Officers For 911 Truth mo911truth.org
  596. www.wikileaksparty.org.au Wikileaks PArty Julian Assange
  597. WesternAustrailianWikileaksCitizensAlliance Western Austrailian Wikileaks Citizens Alliance
  598. WesternJournalism.com Western Journalism
  599. artofmanliness.com art of manliness
  600. truthstreammedia.com truthstream media
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  603. thedailyhaze.com the daily haze
  604. ubuntu.com
  605. mericatoday.com merica today
  606. green-agenda.com thegreenagenda the green agenda
  607. americanuckradio.com americanuck radio
  608. truthandaction.org truth and action
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  611. thechancegeorgeblog.com the chance george blog
  612. blog.world-mysteries.com world mysteries blog worldmysteriesblog
  613. youngcons.com young cons
  614. twitchy.com
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  616. xyz.net.au australia
  617. findingassange.com finding assange
  618. rubinreport.com rubin report
  619. reason.com
  620. redflagnews.com red flag news
  621. sputniknews.com sputnik news
  622. prntly.com
  623. allenbwest.com allen b west
  624. gotnews.com got news
  625. mrcblog.com mrc blog
  626. newswithviews.com news with views
  627. libertyalliance.com liberty alliance
  628. dennisprager.com dennis prager
  629. hughhewitt.com hugh hewitt
  630. weaselzippers.us weasel zippers
  631. thelibertybeacon.com the liberty beacon
  632. thedcgazette.com the dc gazette
  633. vdare.com v dare
  634. joemiller.us joe miller
  635. endoftheamericandream.com end of the american dream
  636. gopthedailydose.com gop the daily dose
  637. moonrockbooks.com moon rock books
  638. mgtow.com men going their own way men's rights mensrights mens rights avoiceformen a voice for men avoiceformen
  639. mgtow.com men going their own way men's rights mensrights mens rights avoiceformen a voice for men avoiceformen
  640. womenagainstfeminism.com women against feminism
  641. infogalactic.com wikipedia
  642. mgtow.com men going their own way men's rights mensrights mens rights avoiceformen a voice for men avoiceformen mensactivism.org mens activism
  643. technocracy.news technocracy news Patrick Wood PatrickWood
  644. tradyouth.org traditional youth
  645. 4chan.org
  646. 8ch.net 8chan
  647. nationalcenterformen.org national center for men mgtow.com men going their own way men's rights mensrights mens rights avoiceformen a voice for men avoiceformen mensactivism.org mens activism
  648. 911scholars.org 911 scholars ScholarsFor911Truth Scholars For 911 Truth
  649. constituteproject.org constitute project
  650. billofrightsinstitute.org bill of rights institute
  651. bitcoinfoundation.org bitcoin foundation
  652. psychologic-anarchist.com psychologicanarchist psychologic anarchist Sterling Luxan SterlingLuxan
  653. consortiumnews.com consortium news
  654. conservativedailypost.com conservative daily post
  655. defdist.org defense distributed
  656. hushmail.com hush mail encrypted mail
  657. startmail.com start mail startpage start page
  658. tutanota.com encrypted mail
  659. themillenniumreport.com the millennium report
  660. NewsBlok.com news blok
  661. covertharassmentconference.com Covert Harassment Conference
  662. ByeByeBlueSky Bye Bye Blue Sky Geoengineering
  663. weatherwar101.com weatherwar 101 geoengineering
  664. therealstrategy.com the real strategy
  665. UnauthorisedDisclosure Unauthorised Disclosure ShadowProof
  666. vigilantlibertyradio.us Vigilant Liberty Radio
  667. Next Level BS nextlevelbullshit.com next level bullshit
  668. charlescjohnson.com charles c johnson gotnews.com got news wesearchr
  669. MAGA FeedMAGA Feed
  670. Occult EmpireOccultEmpire Occult Empire
  671. Free Your Mind AZFreeYourMindAZ Free Your Mind AZ
  672. 1913intel.com 1913 intel
  673. sgtreport.com Seargent Report
  674. fromthetrenchesworldreport.com from the trenches world report
  675. cryptogon.com
  676. intelnews.org intel news
  677. thezog.wordpress.com Who Controls America
  678. bilderberg.org
  679. rickrozoff rick rozoff
  680. dissidentvoice.org dissident voice
  681. thetruthseeker.co.uk the truth seeker
  682. legitgov.org legit gov
  683. warincontext.org war in context
  684. shtfplan.com shtf plan Shit hit the fan
  685. ibtimes.com InternationalBusinessTimes International Business Times
  686. dailyreckoning.com daily reckoning
  687. DisasterAlert Disaster Alert
  688. theextinctionprotocol.com the extinction protocol
  689. quakewatch.net earthquake
  690. sciencedaily.com science daily
  691. dailygalaxy.com daily galaxy
  692. redorbit.com red orbit
  693. unexplained-mysteries.com unexplained mysteries
  694. mysteriousuniverse.org mysterious universe
  695. PhantomsAndMonsters Phantoms And Monsters
  696. thewatcherfiles.com the watcher files ufo alien
  697. HealthyWildAndFree Healthy Wild And Free
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  699. anomalist.com
  700. scienceblog.com science blog
  701. odditycentral.com odditycentral.com
  702. brucefeinlaw.com bruce fein law constitutional lawyer
  703. nowyouseetv.org now you see tv
  704. thevinnyeastwoodshow.com the vinny eastwood show
  705. silverstealers.net silver stealers
  706. doubtfulnews.com doubtful news
  707. theregister.co.uk the register
  708. Appear.in Appear in
  709. howtoexitthematrix.com how to exit the matrix
  710. secretenergy.com Spiritek Specialists spiritechs.com
  711. SpiritekSpecialists Spiritek Specialists spiritechs.com
  712. innovtr innovatist
  713. spiritechs spiriteks
  714. globalelite.tv global elite tv
  715. hannibalisatthegate.com hannibal is at the gate
  716. InTheGno.com In The Gno
  717. innerhacking.com inner hacking
  718. SoulTraveler.co Soul Traveler
  719. gisellekoy.com giselle koy
  720. Current Affairs currentaffairs.org
  721. lucianwintrich.com lucian wintrich lucian b wintrich
  722. paulnehlen.com paul nehlen
  723. aboutthesky.com about the sky
  724. avatarproducts.com avatar products
  725. theindependentmedia.org the independent media
  726. symbols.com
  727. ancient-origins.net ancient origins
  728. MicroGridActivation Micro Grid Activation D'Oyen Fraser D'OyenFraser
  729. smashculturalmarxism.com smash cultural marxism
  730. smashculturalmarxism.com smash cultural marxism
  731. Antifa are the Actual Fascists
  732. Antifa are the Actual FascistsAntiFascistsAgainstAntifa AntiAntifa Anti-Antifa Anti Antifa
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The Bilderberg Group / Council of 500 The House of Rothschild Freemasonry Human Rights Campaign The Club Of Rome Skull And Bones The Bohemian Club Institute for Policy Studies Rand Corporation The Trilateral Comission British Labour Party International Criminal Court World Health Organization The Federal Reserve National Security Agency The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People International Monitary Fund The Royal Institute Of International Affairs Central Intelligence Agency Anti-Defamation League Ford Foundation Federal Bureau of Investigation Congress of Racial Equality American Friends Service Committee Socialist Party USA Communist Party USA KGB (Committee for State Security) The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) The Council on Foreign Relations The Temple of Understanding World Bank Socialist Workers Party The Security Service, MI5 (Military Intelligence, Section 5) Committee For Economic Development Progressive Labor Party Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation National Organization for Women The National Education Association World Council of Churches Druids London School of Economics Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Fabian Society The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Republican Party of the United States Democratic Party of the United States United Nations Order of the Illuminati